Fidget Spinner Carrying Cases

Accessories: Fidget Spinner Carrying Cases

Published: May 13, 2017
From: Amazon
Price: $2

Nothing, I mean NOTHING! is worse than getting dust and grit and grime and hair and crap and...nothing is worse than a dirty fidget spinner bearing. Cleaning your bearing every day is a real pain. Another thing that sucks while I'm on the subject is banging your spinner into something and leaving a blemish on your precious metal bauble. We must put everything in cases these days. Our phones, our sunglasses. Why would our fidget spinners be any different?

Enough with the crappy preamble. Fidget spinner carrying cases are becoming a thing. They're cheap and they're available on Amazon for under $2 in some...cases (that's a double entendre at its finest). The one in the picture will fit all but the oddest shaped spinners. If you want to find one for yourself, here's a big list of carrying cases for fidget spinners.

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