Accessories: Bearing Extractor And Replacement Tools

Published: May 31, 2017
From: Zeleritaz
Price: $55

Removing bearings and replacing bearings have become a major part of the fidget spinner movement as the industry has grown and become more modular. Different bearings give different feedback and spin times. Not everyone prefers stainless steel bearings over hybrid ceramic bearings. As a consequence, people have taken to removing stock bearings and replacing them with different bearings. Additionally, easy bearing removal makes cleaning and replacing bearings much more palatable. Yet, there seems to be a void in the industry for tools to make this process easier than brute force. IONIC FLUX has set out to change that with the Zeleritaz BLT bearing extractor and Mushroom press to help you change your bearings.

The prototypes can be seen removing and replacing some standard 608 bearings from your run of the mill fidget spinner design in under 1 minute. Pretty cool if you ask me. IONIC FLUX is still developing and perfecting these tools in order to make them seamless for all size bearings and applications.

The tools are now available as a Fidget Spinner Bearing Extractor and Installer Bundle on Amazon for $55.

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  • Bearing Extractor And Replacement Tools
  • Bearing Extractor And Replacement Tools
  • Bearing Extractor And Replacement Tools
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