Ables Planetary Spinners Custom Buttons

Accessories: Ables Planetary Spinners Custom Buttons

Published: February 23, 2017
From: Ables Planetary Spinners
Price: $100 - $110

If you're looking for some custom buttons for your spinner, specifically spinners that house an r188 bearing, then you should really check out Ables Planetary Spinners. These buttons, a conversation piece in their own right, add some individuality to your otherwise common spinner. They will fit most spinners that use a R188 bearing such as the < href="/reviews/4/rotablade-stubby/">Stubby, Compass and Torqbar.

These are semi-custom parts and no two will be identical. They are solid brass and may develop a patina during transit. Grips have a machined or brushed finish, in addition to any optional knurl.

Buy Now $100 - $110
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