Pelican 1170 Fidget Spinner Storage

Accessories: Pelican 1170 Fidget Spinner Storage

Published: March 08, 2017
Price: $36

Are your fidget spinners starting to pile up on you? "You can't leave those spinners laying around everywhere!" Well, you can't if you have a girlfriend or wife. That's for damn sure. Here's a fidget spinner storage solution a lot of people are using. The Pelican 1170 is your 11.64" x 8.34" x 3.78" fidget spinner storage solution. With pick and pluck foam (this is sort of a reverse Minecraft technique where you create negative space in the foam inserts which are pre-cut into a grid) you can tailor these to your specific collection of hand spinners, or any other EDC gear you want to store. Or, you can have them professionally cut at Pelican Foam.

An automatic pressure equalization valve, easy open double throw latches and 6 colors to choose from on make this a great fidget spinner storage solution.

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