DIY: Magnetic Fidget Spinner

Published: April 02, 2017

A very cool and low level of DIY expertise magnetic fidget spinner project from Brain Ideas. We've provided links to the materials you'll need for this spinner below. Just a circular magnet, some magnetic strips and a bearing. Then, customize as you wish with anything metal along the circumference.

  • Circular Magnet - This magnet has a 1" inner diameter which is 25.4mm, but that should work fine. It weighs in at a hefty 136g. Here is a less expensive, lighter ceramic magnet. The inner hole diameter is 7/8" which is just a shade larger than the diameter of the bearing, so it should be a snug fit with the magnetic strips.
  • Magnet Strips - This is the cheapest magnetic strips we could find without adhesive. There are plenty of cheaper options with adhesive that you should be able to achieve the same results with.
  • Full Ceramic 608 Skateboard Bearings - There are plenty of options that will work in this magnetic spinner. You just need a 608 sized bearing.
Additional Photos
  • Magnetic Fidget Spinner