Tungsten iFDGT & TRiFDGT

Drops: Tungsten iFDGT & TRiFDGT

Published: June 12, 2017
From: Venom Defense & Design
Price: $300

Venerable old spinner maker Venom Defense & Design is dropping some heavy shit tonight so watch your toes. That's right ladies and gentlemen. Well, mainly gentlemen. It's time for some heavy metal. Tonight the Tungsten iFDGT and TRiFDGT will be available. So get your credit card numbers out, set your browsers for pre-fill and have your mouse finger ready. These are gonna go fast. When I say fast, I mean probably in under 15 seconds. Even at $300 a pop. That's the world we live in. An insane one.

What: Tungsten iFDGT & TRiFDGT

When: 9pm ET

Where: https://www.venomdd.com/products/tungsten-body-titanium-grips?variant=43151953684

Why: Because you have no self control

Note: The product page will be unavailable for approx 1 hour before launch.

Buy Now $300
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