Compoform Spinner

Drops: Compoform Spinner

Published: March 23, 2017
From: CompoForm

The unnamed, unpriced, uneverything bronze spinner from Compoform will be dropping tomorrow March 24th at 6pm Moscow time. What does that mean to you? I'll do the timezone math. That's...11am ET. The only real info on these:

  • Hybrid ABEC11 bearing
  • Diameter: 58 millimeters
  • Thickness: 15 millimeters
  • Weight: 90 grams

The ordering process...Go to the Compoform Facebook page and wait for a post I guess and reply that you're "in" for ordering one. After that I can't even speculate on the range of things that could possible happen in terms of how you'll pay or receive the spinner.

Sarcasm aside, it's pretty easy to throw up a website on shopify, or create an Etsy shop to sell spinners. Doing it through Facebook, beyond being a bad idea running a business through a Facebook account, is just a messy way for people to purchase things.

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