Fidget Spinner: Aventador

Published: June 16, 2017
From: Stealth Spinners
Price: $50 - $60
Bearing: R188 Bearing
Spin Time: 5½ mins.
Dimensions: 64 mm width, 6 mm blade thickness
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner

I've been aware of the Aventador from Stealth Spinners for quite some time. Stealth sort of made a splash onto the spinner scene with this first design modeled after the popular Lamborghini in a lesson on cross product design synergy. I was a fan of the design immediately, but I wanted to see if the performance and feel of the spinner was there to match. So I had the captain of Stealth Spinners, that son of a bitch Max something or other (I've seen him use at least 3 different last names) send me over a spinner for some old fashioned scrutiny.

Design & Aesthetics

As Stealth puts it, "If James Bond had a vodka martini in one hand and a spinner in the other, we'd bet money that it would be the Aventador." Not many people know this, but I'm actually pretty good friends with James, or Jamie as we call him. He's more a friend of a friend, but let's just say pretty good friends. And we were both over at 008's place last night for a ping pong tournament and he didn't have an Aventador with him, so Stealth will be coughing up some dough. But, the sentiment does hold true. The Aventador is certainly an attractive spinner. The sharp lines and angles on this spinner are really a game changer and help separate it from the hordes.

Available in both standard gold brass ($49.99) and black electroplated brass ($59.99), I'd spend the extra $10 for the black which really was the look this spinner was designed for in my opinion. Weighing in at 95 grams and measuring 64 mm width and 6 mm blade thickness the tri-spinner really nails the balance between weight, size and fidgetability while still maintaining that EDC quality many spinners of this sort lack.

The machining on the Aventador is very well done. For a spinner at this budget friendly price point and sharp-angled design, one might think there would be some lack of quality control in the build or some hotspots on the edges. There aren't. This is a very well made spinner. With 3 levels of beveling on the arms and angled slots and lines, the Aventador put forth and incredibly sleek look spinning or just sitting on the table as a decoration.

The Aventador is fitted with an easily removable R188 stainless steel bearing with screw cover and comes with a tool for easy bearing removable which in today's age of spinners is a very nice touch making for easy bearing changes if you'd like to replace the bearing with one more to your liking.

My only gripe with the design of the Aventador is the buttons. They are a bit smaller than I would like, and a bit slippery due to the shallow design. But, feel free to add you own buttons for an easy upgrade.

Spin Characteristics & Ergonomics

As I mentioned, I was a bit worried all the R&D for the Aventador went into the design and the spin quality would be a bit neglected. In short, it's not. Stealth is clearly a company that is looking to establish a brand and make a name for itself in the fidget spinner industry and with that in mind, they've made a complete spinner here.

The tri-spinner is and incredibly smooth spin and quiet spin. I'm getting spin times upwards of 5 minutes due to the flared arms distributing much of the weight of the spinner outward. The flared arms give ample places and ways to spin the Aventador no matter what method of spinning tickles your brain. And, as with most tri-spinners, the Aventador is imminently fidgetable. So, you have the best of both world's here.

The stainless steel R188 bearing powering the Aventador is a quality bearing, and you'll get no complaints from me there. It's what we've come to expect from this bearing type.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a smooth looking spinner that nails it in both design and performance, the Aventador is a fine choice. With its slick lines, and spin-friendly design, this is a spinner's spinner that eschews utilitarian design for a more complicated and eye-catching look. Stealth Spinners is looking to build a brand and reputation in the industry, and the Aventador is certainly a fine flagship spinner to man their fleet.

9 / 10
Buy Now $50 - $60
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