B2 Fidget Spinner

B2 Fidget Spinner

From: Stealth Spinners
Price: $55
Bearing: R188 Bearings
Spin Time: 4 mins.
Dimensions: 64 mm width, 6 mm blade thickness, 72 grams
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner

Silent and powerful like a stealth bomber, the B-2 flies true like its namesake. Our design team carefully engineered the weighting to maximize the torque and spin times while retaining sleek and sexy lines.

This black brass bomber spins for 4-5 minutes out of the box and feels nice and solid in your hand.

The gun metal finish is bound to be one of the most beautiful spinners in your collection. You'll attract many potential mates impressed by your impeccable shopping taste and style.

So ask yourself this... Why buy the spinner equivalent of a Honda Civic when you can get a Lambourghini for the same price?

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