CKF Pepyakka 4.0

First Look: CKF Pepyakka 4.0

Published: April 29, 2017
From: From Russia With Knives
Price: $235

Here's a first look at the much anticipated CKF Pepyakka 4.0! Wait a second... Ok, this is hilarious. This might be my favorite spinner company in the industry as of right now. The message is put as only Russians can put it. And while the broken English gives it sort of an almost endearing quality, the message is well put, and it goes down like a strong shot of cheap Russian vodka. Harsh.

I don't know that this will foil the clones and knockoffs of fidget spinners by Chinese makers, but I appreciate the attempt. And this is a real problem for some of these individual makers. I realize demand for spinners is sky high and the popular brands are selling out in minutes, but it's hard to watch your work be not only ripped off, but profited from to your detriment while you have to stand idly by.

So, I'm with the Russians. Have fun living with imagination impotence you knockoff mofos!

While pre-orders for the 4.0 version of the highly successful Pepyakka line of spinner by From Russia With Knives are closed, you'll have a shot at the 2nd wave of the real version "by June or earlier" according to the site.

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