Grimsmo Fidget Spinner

First Look: Grimsmo Fidget Spinner

Published: May 01, 2017
From: Grimsmo Knives
Price: $130 - $155
Bearing: Si3N4 ceramic bearing from Boca Bearing, Abec 7
Dimensions: 2.5" long 32g-38g
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Titanium Brass Brass, Titanium

Popular knife maker, and maker of interesting CNC machining Youtube videos, John Grimsmo has released his first version of a fidget spinner. And he's doing it The Grimsmo Way! Which, if you've watched any of his videos, is a bit perfectionist, which is the perfect way when it comes to making fidget spinners.

His first spinner to market is a svelte looking titanium bar spinner with brass weights at the end of each arm. An Si3N4 lube-free ceramic hybrid bearing from Boca Bearings powers this little bar spinner that weighs 32g - 38g depending on which version you get.

Check out the video below for some interesting stuff on what goes on to prototype these spinners.

Buy Now $130 - $155
Additional Photos
  • Grimsmo Fidget Spinner
  • Grimsmo Fidget Spinner
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