Mechforce Deltacore

First Look: Mechforce Deltacore

Published: May 01, 2017
From: Mechforce
Price: $150 - $160
Bearing: Premium Grade Full Ceramic Ball Bearing R188
Dimensions: Length: 2.3" x Width: 2.5" x Thick: 0.7"
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner
Stainless Steel (6.6 OZ)

Mechforce is back with a new monster triangle design long spinner. According to Mechforce, the Deltacore is designed from the ground up to achieve maximum spin time while maintaining a futuristic design. At first glance, this looks more like a fidget focused spinner, but one quick look at the specs will dispel that notion pretty quickly.

The Deltacore comes in a big spinner footprint at a listed 2.3" x 2.5" (although I'm not sure how Mechforce is getting different lengths for an equilateral triangle). Regardless...extrude that footprint out to a thickness of .7" and even with a semi-hollowed design you get a 6.6oz (187g!) spinner in stainless steel. If that's not enough to tickle your long spinning fancy, Mechforce had the audacity to put an r188 full ceramic bearing into this beast.

With classic Mechforce notches around the body perimeter and bearing cradle and a stonewashed finish (or graphite black for and extra $10), this is a rugged looking spinner for sure. Throw in 3 tritium insert slots (1.5 mm OD x 6 mm Long) on either side and you have the makings for something special here from Mechforce and the new Deltacore fidget spinner.

Buy Now $150 - $160
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  • Mechforce Deltacore
  • Mechforce Deltacore
  • Mechforce Deltacore
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