Asymmetrical Fidget Spinner

First Look: Asymmetrical Fidget Spinner

Published: May 05, 2017
From: FGT Motorsport
Price: $30
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner

FGT Motorsport has released what they're calling the world's first asymmetrical fidget spinner. I take exception to that. Every spinner that comes out of my crappy little homemade CNC machine is asymmetrical. This effort seems to be intentional though. This spinner, while appearing unbalanced and wobbly, is said to be perfectly balanced...with the help of computers of course. You can't just eyeball shit like that. CNC machined from billet aluminum spinner with 5/16" Brass ball bearing counterweights the asymmetrical fidget spinner is said to spin with perfect balance. For $29.95 you can find out for yourself. Wait, it's 20% off this week with coupon code "20%OFF". Creative.

I can't look at this thing without thinking they just took a baby and traced its foot. Babies only have 3 toes right? I would call this the baby foot spinner really. No mention of babies, bearing size or material, or anything else really except that it's asymmetrical.

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