Time Ball Titanium Spinner

First Look: Time Ball Titanium Spinner

Published: May 10, 2017
From: Koncio Mods
Price: $133
Bearing: Hybrid bearing
Spin Time: 1 mins.
Dimensions: 30mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner
Titanium (Brass Heart)

The Time Ball Titanium Spinner from Koncio Mods looks more work of art than traditional fidget spinner. And...that's okay by me. I love when companies produce something unique that might not have broad appeal as much as niche appeal. I mean, this looks like a fidget spinner I could buy and give to my girlfriend for the anniversary of our first date, if I celebrated shit like that, and then later steal back from her and use as my own. Now that's a win-win.

The Time Ball Titanium Spinner is being produced in a limited run of 66 pieces which is a strange number that I can't figure out the significance of, and at first I thought it meant it was made of 66 pieces which THEN made me think it might be a watch too. But no, it's just that there are only 66 available. That means, probably, that these will go up in value like a timepiece, which again, it is not.

The Time Ball is a solid titanium anodized body with a "brass heart" and hybrid bearing. With a circumference of 30mm, or just over an inch, this is a small spinner with a predictably short spin time of 60 seconds. Doing the math for you, that's 1 minute. Koncio Mods obviously isn't catering to the spin time crowd here.

Priced at a reasonable $133, I'll be interested to see how well these are received.

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  • Time Ball Titanium Spinner
  • Time Ball Titanium Spinner
  • Time Ball Titanium Spinner
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