Sonder Tri Spinner

First Look: Sonder Tri Spinner

Published: May 12, 2017
From: Vinon Labs
Price: $37 - $82
Bearing: R188 hybrid ceramic
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum (39g)

The little Sonder Tri Spinner is a nice looking little mini spinner from Vinon Labs. I don't know that there is anything noteworthy here, but I'm a big fan of mini spinner and tri-spinners, so this thing looks right up my alley. Additionally, it has a very ergonomic design with full rounded corners which I am also a fan of.

It's available for pre-order (shipping the first week of June) in 3 different metals aluminum ($37), copper ($67) and stainless steel ($82) and either a blasted or polished finish.

I have a feeling the aluminum model might be a great budget option if you're into fidget focused designs that are easy on the fingers.

Buy Now $37 - $82
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