First Look: TK-Splat

Published: May 12, 2017
From: Tactical Keychains
Price: $52
Bearing: R188 Bearing
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner
Brass, Copper

Splat! Borrowing from the world of onomatopoeia, comes the TK-Splat fidget spinner from Tactical Keychains. Made in a "humble garage in Iowa", the makers of the Splat aim to create a reasonably priced unique fidget spinner. At $52 for either brass or copper, it seems like they've succeeded. But how well does it spin?

Buttons are two piece removable magnetic buttons that fit R188 bearings. One look and you can see uniformity of design in the Splat while maintaining a splat like appearance which is of course necessary for a stable, wobble free spin.

Tactical Keychains is currently accepting pre-orders with an estimated delivery date of July 2017.

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