MountainTops Handspinners

First Look: Mountain Tops Handspinners

Published: May 16, 2017
From: Mountain Tops EDC
Price: $365 - $500

I came across these premium, high-end spinners from Mountain Tops EDC while scouring the internet at 4am with a dog on my head and a girlfriend seemingly underneath every last goddamn cover I own. Made from exotic metals like Superconductor, Timascus and Zirconium thee mini spinners have a definite look to them. Sort of an alien vibe. Not much mention is made of bearings other than, "This Hand Spinner comes from Mountain Tops EDC adjusted and tested for premium use using premium bearings. We have spent hundreds of dollars testing bearings to find the best one for our products." At these prices I hope so.

Mountain Tops EDC, mainly a maker of spinning tops, has hopped aboard the fidget spinner train with some interesting choices for high-end buyers...of which I am not. Someday maybe. If I keep my head down and my fingers typing.

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