Jester 2.0

First Look: Jester 2.0

Published: May 16, 2017
From: Quantum Spinners
Price: $79
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner

The Jester 2.0 from little known Quantum Spinners, sold through Etsy, is an interesting brass cog type design spinner with balls. Literally. Scant details are provided on size, weight or bearing, but from the in hand image, this looks like a smallish fidget-focused spinner with a nice little ergonomic design. Of note here is that the balls at the ends of the barbed cogs are not screw on but instead this is a single piece body which is a neat trick.

The matching brass caps fit seamlessly over the bearing retention and are engraved with what I assume is the Quantum Spinners logo. I have to say this is an attractive looking well-designed spinner that checks all the boxes for fidget-focused fun. Made in the USA, fairly priced at $79 and in stock, this is something worth considering for novices and hardcore spinheads alike.

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  • Jester 2.0
  • Jester 2.0