Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum

First Look: Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum

Published: May 23, 2017
From: Mechforce
Price: $50
Bearing: Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing R188
Dimensions: Length: 2.3" x Width: 2.5" x Thick: 0.7"
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Aluminum (2.4oz)

Review of the Aluminum Mechforce Deltacore

After the highly successful release of the Mechforce Deltacore in black stainless steel, the folks at Mechforce are releasing an aluminum model. And they're grabbing my undivided attention with this Hot Orange anodizing paired with the Mechforce logo etched black button.

I think this is a good decision by Mechforce as I'm sure more than a few people passed on the original design because it was just too much spinner. This aluminum version is more akin to the Phat Boy which is a large spinner that works perfectly in aluminum, which is a metal that is generally too light for most spinner designs. Additionally, this allows for a lower price point than the arm and leg ($150) you had to fork over for the stainless steel version.

Oh, and one other reason for the budget price on this model...they've taken manufacturing over to The Red Dragon. Let's face it though patriots...this spinner design, like all other popular designs was being ripped by China anyway. It's increasingly becoming a global economy, and as much as I hate to say it, if you can't beat'em, join'em. Or something like that. Though I don't miss the irony in their domain name being

Update: Mechforce has since gone on to release a Red, Black and Silver edition.

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Additional Photos
  • Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum
  • Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum
  • Red Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum
  • Black Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum
  • Silver Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum
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