Centre Spin

First Look: Centre Spin

Published: May 24, 2017
From: J. L. Lawson & Co.
Price: $80 - $90
Bearing: Ceramic Hybrid (Si3N4) or Full Ceramic
Fidget Spinner Type: Mini Spinner
Stainless Steel ($90), Brass ($80), Copper ($85)

Popular and venerable US maker of high quality EDC items, J.L. Lawson, has given into the fidget spinner craze with the launch of their first spinner, the Centre Spin. This is a mini spinner with a slight 1.2" diameter and .31" thickness. Precision machined in California with a custom hybrid ceramic bearing also made in the good old USA, the Centre Spin design puts a premium on fidgeting over long spinning and EDC ease over size.

The Centre Spin is being offered in brass ($80 pledge), copper ($85) and stainless steel ($90). The aim is to ship the Centre Spin sometimes around August or September of 2017 given their goal of $7,200 is met (it's already doubled that). I'm guessing the rather arbitrary amount of $7,200 has to do with J.L.'s obsession with the numbers 2 and 7 which you can read more about on their Kickstarter page.

Buy Now $80 - $90
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