WooSah USA Spinners

First Look: WooSah USA Spinners

Published: May 25, 2017
From: WooSah USA
Price: $18 - $97

Today we step back away from the bright lights of the large retail spinner makers and peer into a small family owned machine shop out of the Great Northwest. Tech Machining USA out of Mount Vernon, Washington brings to us the WooSah line of fidget spinners. Now, I looked up WooSah and all I could find is some a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTGdAGPDBpo">obscure footage of Martin Lawrence and some ol dwhite lady saying Woosah a few times. Perhaps they are rabid MArtin fans, but somehow I doubt that from their about me. At any rate...name be damned, let's look at the spinners.

WooSah makes 3 fairly basic spinners that I would consider mini to small sized. The Cosmo, a rounded hexagonal design, the Namaste, a rounded triangle with semicircle cutouts on the sides and the Doublehader which is a fairly basic bar spinner that tapers as it extends outwards. But within those 3 basic designs, WooSah has managed to create a bevy of options with fine touches to color combinations and patterning that really make these spinners stand out to me. It's really a lesson in simple design.

You'll find aluminum and stainless steel versions of all models with one high-end model Cosmo Zenith Edition WooSah milled from aluminum nickel bronze. Prices range from $18 for the aluminum models up to $97 for the previously mentioned high roller with most spinner coming in at around $25 which is imminently reasonable for this quality.

WooSah notes that "our current offering of WooSahs are fidget spinners designed for discreet, comfort in an Every Day Carry (EDC) item with limited spin times of under 2 minutes." Fine by me people. That's right up my alley.

Take a second a check them out if you're looking for a quality, USA made, very affordable spinner with looks that could...calm your nerves and focus your attention. Namaste.

Buy Now $18 - $97