First Look: The T8o SpinCube

Published: May 25, 2017
From: Kickstarter
Price: $13 - $389
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner

The Spin Cube, or more properly put, the T8o SpinCube (pronounced like potato...depending on how you pronounce potato) is the brainchild of reluctant evil genius Andy Lewis of the UK. Driven by a desire to both understand how things are made, what they're made of and making things that enrich people’s lives, paired with finding a means to combat Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Andy conceived the SpinCube.

Right out of the gate, the T8o SpinCube is available in a variety of metals and accompanying price points to suit all fetishes and budgets. Nylon (Black Mamba) £15, Aluminum £40, Bronze £120, Stainless Steel £120, Titanium £140, Carbon Fiber £300. Early bird pledges earn discounts for all but the Carbon Fiber version.

The SpinCube comes with a 10 ball r188 yoyo bearing at its core in the aluminum model. For the full metal version it implements Columbia River's proprietary bearing technology featured in their new updated Moxie design. Spin times of 10 minutes are not unlikely and that comes straight from the Andy's mouth.

One of the most interesting innovations, and adding to the extreme EDC design of the SpinCube is the slick "KeyFob Caddy" carrying case that doubles as a spin stand and keychain adding to the extremely portable design.

It's rare I get too excited over a new spinner design these days, and a lot of that has to do with so many derivative designs flooding the market. It's orders of magnitude rarer that I fund a project on Kickstarter (the last one was a reboot of Leisure Suit Larry in an attempt to relive my formative years). But, the T8o SpinCube looks like it's going to bring a change in the figurative weather. Well done Mr. Lewis. You've joined the lofty ranks of Leisure Suit Larry.

The SpinCube is scheduled to ship in August of 2017 once the modest goal of $22,064 is met.

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  • The T8o SpinCube