First Look: 53/11 Spinner

Published: May 29, 2017
From: Kickstarter
Price: $78
Bearing: Japanese 605 bearings
Dimensions: Diameter: 53mm, Thickness: 11mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Cog Spinner
Stainless Steel (63g)

For cyclists, their sport isn't just a pastime - it's an obsession. They count down the hours until the next ride, whether it's the journey home from work, hill sprints or that epic weekend blast. But, mainly it seems like they just want to get in the way of my car by riding on the road even when there is a perfectly good bike path. And they want to have all of the benefits and right of ways that a car gets, but they don't want to adhere to any of the negatives like stopping at stop signs or red lights. Plus, do they really need to wear compression shorts? I mean, at least put some normal athletic shorts over them. This isn't the Tour de France. You're not setting any records.

At any rate, the 53/11 spinner, despite my problems with cyclists, does look like a gear spinner that I'd be interested in. I'm a fan of the cog spinners, and the Cognito comes to mind as a personal favorite in that category, having virtually created it.

From the Kickstarter page:

Whilst clearly taking influence from the design of an 11 tooth rear sprocket, there's a lot more to the design. The outer ring provides mass to give stability and longevity to the spin, whilst the concave machined caps are comfortable and aesthetically coherent with the design.

The eleven teeth on the outer and the five inner slots give a fascinating stroboscopic effect which changes as the spinner slows down - you won't be able to take your eyes off it!

The diameter of the piece is 53mm and the thickness 11mm, giving the product its name and alluding to the classic 53/11 gearing of racing bicycles.

53/11 Spinner comes with a Japanese 605 bearing which is an odd choice and perhaps a mistake as it's sort of limiting since no other spinners on earth use this bearing. The final design does seem to be in flux a bit with the makers being receptive to early feedback and changes per that feedback. If all goes well, they hope to ship the stainless steel cycling inspired cog spinner by July of the year 2017. £60 is the non-early bird pledge price.

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  • 53/11 Spinner
  • 53/11 Spinner