D-Pad Fidget Spinner

First Look: D-Pad Fidget Spinner

Published: May 31, 2017
From: Full Throttle Originals
Price: $60
Bearing: R188 Acer Racing 10 Ball Ceramic Nitride Pro Series
Dimensions: 2" Diameter
Fidget Spinner Type: Quad Spinner
Aluminum (40g)

Full Throttle Originals has made their bones with some well-executed novelty spinners combining the easily adapted, but nevertheless well thought out video game console genre via it's now ubiquitous controller designs with the fidget spinner concept. We first saw this come to life in some nice looking X-Box and Playstation inspired spinners. Now they're taking aim at, and pre-orders for more hallowed grounds. Nintendo.

The D-Pad Spinner is an aluminum quad-spinner, something we're seeing fewer of these days on both accounts, with a Battleship Grey/Smith & Wesson Red Cerakote finish with colorfill. That's a lot of mumbo jumbo to the uniformed, but I can't look at the finished product and not feel nostalgic for my youth and some Kid Icarus. And the finish here really makes the design. This effort really does get across the facade and overall feel of a Nintendo controller with the arms and the button all combining perfectly to give off the full 8-bit wonderland effect.

This definitely falls into the novelty spinner category, but the R188 Acer Racing 10 Ball Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearing and ergonomic lines has me thinking this spinner might just be a performer as well.

Estimated shipping date is July 15th, and the price is a reasonable $60 ($50 for all black).

Buy Now $60
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