Grimsmo Round Mini Spinner

First Look: Grimsmo Round Mini Spinner

Published: June 06, 2017
From: Grimsmo Knives
Price: $80
Bearing: R156 Ceramic Hybrid Boca Bearing
Dimensions: 1" diameter
Fidget Spinner Type: Mini Spinner
Brass (34g) Brass

Just when nothing very exciting was happening in the world of fidget spinners, the Grimsmo Round Mini Spinner arrives to save the world from boredom. The first Grimsmo spinner, an interesting little high-end bar spinner was very well received and if the early indications from Blade Show 2017 hold true, this mini spinner is set to make another splash.

The Grimsmo Round Mini Spinner (hey they're machinists not Madison Avenue branding experts) has a solid brass body with Grimsmo logo engraved along the edges with some hash marks for added traction. Brass buttons, with a 3D machined crosshatch texture look to provide a nice grip, which is especially important in mini-spinners. And I believe they've once again chosen the same R156 Boca Bearing which is a flanged, Abec 7 Grade, Si3N4 lube-free ceramic bearing. Not your standard bearing for not your standard spinner.

The Grimsmo Round Mini Spinner is 1" in diameter, weighs 34g and you can own one for $80 plus $10 shipping. I know the shipping price because I just ordered one.

Buy Now $80
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  • Grimsmo Round Mini Spinner
  • Grimsmo Round Mini Spinner
  • Grimsmo Round Mini Spinner
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