Pepyakka S

First Look: Pepyakka S

Published: June 06, 2017
From: From Russia With Knives
Price: $425
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner

From Russia With Knives in collaboration with SNECX Design Labs has released their newest effort, the Pepyakka S. I would put my own spin on describing this, but nobody does it better than the makers themselves. So, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to From Russia With Knives. Applause.

"Common attempt to make Grail Spinner. As we usually say: not just a primitive printed plastic or titanium SHIT with the bearing in the middle. Pepyakka S has about 20 parts and interlocking pieces excluding the 2 bearings (yes, two!) for super gyro stability. It is so-called "mechanical puzzle", new prospective to the whole spinner community. We think spinner people would greatly appreciate this level of complexity and strong visual appeal. Pepyakka S is very complicated and expensive spinner."

So, there you have it. In summary, Pepyakka S is not plastic shit. It has 2 bearings and 20 parts. It's very complicated and expensive. I'm sold.

Buy Now $425
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