First Look: The Shimmering Sentinel

Published: June 07, 2017
From: Stealth Spinners
Price: $135 - $175
Bearing: R188 Stainless Bearings
Dimensions: 62mm x 26mm x 11mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner

Stealth Spinners is at it again, though...not quite as stealthy this time. In what sort of looks like a mating process between a Planter's peanut, an alien egg and the Bathgate Artifact Spinner and an extensive Facebook group brainstorm naming process, The Shimmering Sentinel was born. So much for group thought. I'm renaming this the Unborn Alien Peanut Egg. No royalties please.

Actually...The Shimmering Sentinel was, in the tradition of Stealth Spinners, modeled after the Laraki Epitome super car, which I've never heard of. Stealth Spinners, eschewing traditional design states...

"The Shimmering Sentinel is more than just a toy. It's a symbol of elegance, class, and beauty wrapped into an expertly machined piece of modern art. Most other spinner designers are looking to minimize cost and use simple shapes that are easy to CNC. We think that's a cowardly approach to fidget spinner design."

So there you have it cowards!

The Shimmering Sentinel sports an R188 stainless steel bearing (2 additional bearings are supplied) and is available in golden brass ($135), electroplated black brass ($150), and stainless steel ($175) with early bird discounts for all three. The buttons come to match with a sharp looking engraved Stealth logo.

Earliest backers will get the lowest serial numbers for the Shimmering Sentinel. with Stealth planning on shipping the first spinners in late July if all goes well, which never happens.

Buy Now $135 - $175
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  • The Shimmering Sentinel
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