Spinget - The World's Most Expensive Fidget Spinner

First Look: Spinget - The World's Most Expensive Fidget Spinner

Published: June 07, 2017
From: Octobrachia
Price: $100,000
Dimensions: 50 mm x 30 mm x 15 mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner

Oh, someone just lost their godamned mind. And it was me. I just purchased the World's Most Expensive Fidget Spinner. Don't worry, I low-balled them. I practically stole this spinning piece of diamonds with some metal underneath it. I got it for half off. Sure, I'm still a 5 series BMW lighter, but you can't put a price on fidgeting. You can't fidget a 5 series while simultaneously helping to fund military action against local diamond nation governments in Africa. And Etsy (what better place to sell a $100,000 item) shop owner Octobrachia knows that. That's why they've collaborated with Geneva jeweler Franc Vila and two of Switzerland’s top diamond suppliers (just one couldn't supply enough diamonds I guess) to make the Spinget Luxury White Gold & Diamond Edition.

The world's most expensive fidget spinner, or the Spinget, weighs 100 grams and features 950 Top Wesselton flawless diamonds set in an 18k white gold base. Other than that, it's a knockoff of the Rotablade Stubby which costs $99,900 less. Approximately.

When prompted for the reason behind such an expensive spinner, Steve Raffner, the brainchild behind this Octobrachia design had this to say:

"Why not make it?" Raffner said when asked the reason for creating the Spinget. "We are passionate designers hanging around jewelers, makers, bankers in the country of cheese and chocolate. We want to offer luxury not in the form of complicated watches that nobody understands."

Count me in on that Steve.

My guess is the Spinget will never be made and the listing is just a smokescreen to create publicity for their more realistic priced spinner which I won't link to because it's just a brass stubby knockoff. No mention of what bearing is housed inside the diamonds.

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