Tri Xenosu

First Look: Tri Xenosu

Published: June 09, 2017
From: LMS Gear
Price: $99 - $139
Bearing: R188 Ceramic Hybrid
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner

One of my favorite spinner makers, Joey Lingua of LMS Gear and Cognito fame has just released his new take on a tri spinner, the Xenosu. I'm not a fan of words that start with X or words that I can't pronounce, but I do like small fidget focused tri-spinners which the Xenosu looks to be.

The Tri Xenosu is being offered in the four predominant metal options that we've come to see dominate the world of fidget spinners, brass ($99), copper ($99), stainless steel ($139) and titanium ($139). An r188 hybrid ceramic bearing is at the core of the Xenosu.

One of the things that really separates LMS Gear spinners from other spinners on the market is the attention paid to the finish on their spinners, and the Xenosu is no different at first glance with a variety of finishes being offered from media blasted, anodized and scuffed patina.

The Tri-Xenosu is available for pre-order right now with an expected ship date set for late July.

Buy Now $99 - $139
Additional Photos
  • Titanium Tri Xenosu
  • Stainless Steel Tri Xenosu
  • Brass Tri Xenosu
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