Heavymetal Desktop Fidget Spinner

First Look: Heavymetal Desktop Fidget Spinner

Published: June 15, 2017
From: Rick Roemer Design
Price: $130
Dimensions: 4¼" diamater
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner

The HeavyMetal Desktop Fidget Spinner isn't quite large enough to be a sit and spin toy from my childhood, and isn't quite small enough to be a hand spinner. So what is it? A desktop spinner. At almost 4.25" inches wide, this spinner is meant to be used as a stationary desktop spinner. Interesting.

The HeavyMetal Desktop Spinner is crafted from a very hefty 4.25" steel deeply cut and detailed worm gear. The gears are used and will have varying imperfections from gear to gear. HeavyMetal spins on a Double SpinSpec Bearing setup for stability and durability. Due to its hefty 2.2 pound weight, the desktop spinner will spin for a very long time. What a very long time means, I am not sure. I would suspect upwards of 10 days to 3 months.

Everything about the spinner looks pretty gnarly and appears to be very heavy duty. The job of holding the massive spinning gear falls to a firm steel base with brass screws. There's a copper colored, 3D printed, nut shaped dust cap on top that also serves as a spin knob. It's removable and will be replaceable in the future with special accessories that can be mounted in its place.

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  • Heavymetal Desktop Fidget Spinner
  • Heavymetal Desktop Fidget Spinner
  • Heavymetal Desktop Fidget Spinner