Ego Titanium Spinner

First Look: Ego Titanium Spinner

Published: June 29, 2017
From: Cogent Industries
Price: $149
Bearing: R188
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Titanium (35-40g)

Magnus Macdonald has finely released (for pre-order) his long awaited first spinner. It's a titanium tri-spinner called the Ego. This angular tri-spinner gets a distinct look from buttons that sit nearly flush with the body. Not great functionally, but a nice look for sure.

The Ego spinner will house an R188 bearing, so Magnus has stayed in the non-passing lane at least in this regard giving you options for whatever bearing you'd like to use.

The Ego can be yours for the pre-order price of $149 if that is you can get through the awful long-form pre-sell page to find a way to add it to your cart. I can see where this type of hard sell page from the land of affiliate marketing might score better conversions for luke warm buyers, but I think you have the wrong target for this type of sell page Magnus. Just some advice from somebody who knows.

Magnus will be looking to ship the spinner in November of 2017.

Buy Now $149
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