Playing Cards Puzzle Fidget

First Look: Playing Cards Puzzle Fidget

Published: July 03, 2017
From: 3Dprintedcrafts
Price: $100
Dimensions: 30x30mm cube
Fidget Spinner Type: Fidget Toy

The Playing Cards Puzzle Fidget...that's what I'm calling well, it's a very tight, exact fitting puzzle made from titanium. Puzzle is a stretch I suppose. I mean, it's 9 pieces and not slightly tricky. As far as being a fidget, something about that perfect fit will surely fulfill some sort of inner-laden angst that needs to be casually filled. The perfect fit followed by the slooowwww slide down. That's the best part. Of the Playing Cards Puzzle Fidget.

Since that perfect fit is so key, the puzzle was created using a process called Wire EDM which has the capability of cutting intricate corners and cavities.

This pre-order for the titanium puzzle is made in and ships from Russia for $100 at the beginning of August.

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  • Playing Cards Puzzle Fidget
  • Playing Cards Puzzle Fidget