CompoForm Spinner

First Look: CompoForm Spinner

Published: March 04, 2017
From: CompoForm
Bearing: Hybrid ABEC11
Spin Time: 3 mins.
Dimensions: 58x35x15 mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Bronze (98g)

Eugene Shokurov of CompoForm has posted some enticing images of a new spinner in bronze that looks straight out of the Old West. It's hard to ignore the similar to Rotablade Stubby design, but it surely looks like enough was done here with the difference in the body for it to be it's own spinner. Bronze isn't a metal we often see in spinners but you're going to get a metal comparable in weight per cubic foot to stainless steel, so this looks to be a large, heavy spinner even with the cutouts. Not to be ignored is the well conceived packaging and I imagine storage for the spinner. Clearly this is an experienced designer we can look for interesting things form in the future. Watch the CompoForm Facebook page for updates on pricing and drops, or signup for our newsletter for all the latest spinner news.

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