First Look: The WOZZ

Published: March 05, 2017
From: Kickstarter
Price: $50

The Wozz is a new spinning top design coming to us from Steve Wozniak. Only if. It's actually a new Kickstarter project out of Switzerland. The Wozz, as demonstrated in the video above can be spun up to 10,000 rpm. Despite its large size and high spin speed, it's still very easy to handle, as we see it being balanced on the end of a finger like a gyroscope in the video. Unassisted running times of over 30 minutes are achievable with the steel version, (the aluminium version will easily break the 12-minute-mark). It comes with a Kevlar string that you thread through the handle under the spinning disc and pull like you're starting a lawnmower...which actually run at more around 5,000 rpms.

The Wozz will be offered in both aluminum and stainless steel.

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