First Look: Electron Fidget Spinner

Published: March 16, 2017
From: Kickstarter
Price: $45 - $75

The Electron Fidget Spinner, the featured player in a new Kickstarter campaign, is a programmable LED spinner from Electron Labs. It's a tri spinner built out of a circuit board around a bearing that is able to display LED patterns or messages while it is in motion much like we're used to seeing from those crappy programmable fans. With 7 programmable LEDs running down one of the 3 poles of the spinner, you're able to achieve custom designs when the spinner is in motion. Additionally, the spinner can connect to your iOS or Android device so you can get some "spin stats". The Electron Spinner has the ability to track how fast you were spinning and how many revolutions you have been accruing.

The patterns, at launch, will be preset and downloadable from the mobile app, with promises for the ability to create your own designs in the future. The circuit board is surrounded by a polycarbonate case and buttons with a USB plug hidden in one of the poles for easy charging of the battery (2 hour battery life) that powers the LEDs. The spinner uses a ceramic bearing as an engine.

With an estimated ship time of September 2017, the Electron could be yours by Fall. The lowest you'll have to fork over for the Electron Spinner is $45, which seems exceedingly reasonable. Electron Labs has set a goal of $125k for this project which seems...unreasonable, but we'll seeeee.

I think the LED lighting will be what drives people to participate in this Kickstarter, but the compelling feature really is the tracking ability. Seeing RPMs and total spins are just the type of geek out numbers fidget spinners will be all over, and something your average CNC machinist would have a hard time incorporating into their design. I think if I were Electron Labs I might concentrate more on licencing the tracking technology to other fidget spinner makers. But I'm an idiot, so who knows. One thing is for sure, if this thing don't spin so good, none of the other features will matter so much.

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