Split-Brain Double Spinner

First Look: Split-Brain Double Spinner

Published: March 24, 2017
From: Radius Method
Price: $200

The Split-Brain Double Spinner from Radius Method is scratching my itch for innovation in the fidget spinner industry. At least a little. It's still basically just a spinner, but the Split-Brain implements a double bearing system creating a spinner on top of another spinner...but connected. So, instead of stacking different spinners on top of each other, we have a professional solution to the problem of not enough things spinning in our hands at once. The spinner bodies do of course spin independently of each other. This WAY premium priced dual action spinner is available in stainless steel and brass with a polished finish, and you can choose separate metals for each spinner body the Split-Brain offers. This dual spinner measures in at 2.15" x .99" x .63" and weighs 2oz.

For a pre-order sale price of $200 this spinner can be yours no later than May 8th 2017.

If two brains is one too many for you, they offer a single body version as well for $150.

Buy Now $200