The Modular Pi Spinner

First Look: The Modular Pi Spinner

Published: March 30, 2017
From: Spinetic Spinners
Price: $50
Bearing: 608-R188 Core, 608-606 Adapter, R188 Bearing
Spin Time: 4 mins.
Dimensions: 60mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner
Stainless Steel & Brass

The Modular Pi Spinner is a new modular spinner being offered from the hallowed spinner halls of Spinetic Spinners. This fully modular spinner comes with a stainless steel frame and 3 brass arms that can be attached to the stainless body as a bar spinner (83.3g), a tri-spinner (102.4g) or a one-armed bandit if you're feeling a little off-balance. Also included with the Pi Spinner are a 608-R188 core, a 608-606 adapter, and an R188 bearing so you can roll, or spin...with 3 different bearing choices. Spinetic estimates a 4min+ spin time out of the box for the budget priced $49.99 Pi Spinner.

The Pi is currently being offered as a V0.8 Starter Kit with a few kinks still left to work out before the official V1 is released as they mention on the site. These are largely aesthetic updates () nothing major. Spinetic is dedicated to further development of the Pi Spinner. They're currently working on different bearing adapters and arm styles so you can continue to customize the Pi Spinner to your exacting tastes.

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