HogDoggins Triple BallBuster

First Look: HogDoggins Triple BallBuster

Published: April 01, 2017
From: HogDoggins
Price: $230
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner

HogDoggins, one of the most confusingly named company in Spinnerdom, has released a limited run of the new Triple BallBuster fidget spinner. The Triple BallBuster comes with the blackened HogDoggins logo button on one side and the tri-scalloped on the other. The tri-spinner is packed with 2 carbide balls per leg for a total of 6 balls. And...this is straight from the Hog's mouth...this is a shorter design than previous offerings, but has the same balance and great feel in the hand.

This is a limited run of less than 50 spinners with availability limited to the US (screw you N. Korea...and the rest of the world). And also screw people who have less than $240 to spend on a spinner. Oh, and screw people who don't like 21-30 day lead times on shipments.

I've never used a HogDoggins spinner, but they are highly thought of fidget spinner designers, so I'm interested to see how well these new tri body spinners are received.

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