The Trillium

First Look: The Trillium

Published: April 07, 2017
From: One Drop Yoyos
Price: $150
Bearing: One Drop r188 10Ball Stainless Steel Bearing
Dimensions: Spinning Radius: 1.2"
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Brass (97g), Titanium (47g)

Hand spinners just went mainstream with The Trillium. When a major player like One Drop Yoyos starts making fidget spinners, it's a statement as to how far the industry has come in a short time. The very same One Drop 10Ball Stainless Steel Bearing that is used in their yoyos powers The Trillium. The bearing is retained axially rather than radially like most spinners (either by a press fit or glue). The benefit to this is that the bearing is easy to remove and suffers no damage that a press fit might incur. As well we have found this design to produce a very smooth spinner no matter how many times you take it apart and reassemble. With reported spin times by early reviewers of over 7 minutes and whisper quiet spinning, they appear to have executed on this promise.

The innovation doesn't stop there. This is a modular approach with a two part titanium body held together by either brass or titanium weights at the ends of the spinner legs. These are interchangeable creating a drastically different feel with each configuration.

The engraved titanium buttons are recessed and come with silicon pads to fit the recess for a better grip. An interesting approach to an often overlooked necessity of a complete spinner.

The Trillium weighs in at 47g in titanium weights and 97g with the brass with a 1.2" and 1.25" spin radius respectively. I'm hearing this is supposed to be priced around $150-$180, but don't quote me on that. When will this spinner be available? Soon...Check out One Drop Yoyos to be notified of when.

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  • The Trillium
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