The Valkyrie

First Look: The Valkyrie

Published: April 20, 2017
From: Alpha-Bot Industries
Price: $45
Dimensions: 2.7 x 0.9 x 0.3” / 69 x 24 x 8mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Stainless Steel (84g)

The Valkyrie from Alpha-Bot Industries is blazing a trail. Not necessarily with it's design (though that's to be admired) but in its distribution method. Previously, Amazon was reserved territory for clones and knockoffs. But Alpha-Bot is bringing their unique design to the hordes through the ultimate 21st century consumer portal. And, while I would miss commenting "In" to a Facebook post as a consumer funnel, I do prefer Prime. It seems Alpha-Bot gives you all of the Ma and Pop we're accustomed to from makers in addition to some real convenience through Amazon.

And now...a little bit about the spinner...

This is solidly medium sized bar spinner weighing in at 84g in stainless steel and reaching 2.7" from pole to pole. Sounds perfectly built for a long spinner and indeed I'm hearing whisper spin times of over 7 minutes from the removable, un-shielded, stainless steel deep groove R188 ball bearing. Clearly the makers had a goal when putting this spinner together and that was to cater to the hardcore spinner crowd. It seems they've made many of the right decisions.

What's in the box? In addition to your Valkyrie Fidget Spinner, you'll get 2 Valkyrie Signature Finger Caps (Set), 2 OEM Bearings (1 FREE Replacement) and an Instruction/Warranty card.

At just $45 The Valkyrie seems like a no brainer.

Buy Now $45
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