The Circulator

First Look: The Circulator

Published: April 22, 2017
From: Spinetic Spinners
Price: $35 - $40
Bearing: R188 Steel
Spin Time: 4½ mins.
Dimensions: 48mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Cog Spinner
Stainless Steel (72.4g), Brass (77.5g)

Spinetic is really becoming the McDonald's of the spinner industry. And I mean that in a McRib and Big Mac way, not a 1985 Chicken McNuggets way. Whether that comparison makes sense is for you to decide, but what I mean by it is that they're becoming ubiquitous in the industry. They are everywhere. In addition to their own fantastic designs, they continue to collaborate with other makers to bring us high quality spinners at low prices.

This latest collaboration with 2R Designs, most recently of Axiom fame, brings us the budget priced Circulator. This essentially looks like a carved out Cognito to me, but we're getting somewhat limited as far as novelty goes with basic body bearing spinner designs, so...expect more derivative designs moving forward. The buttons are smooth looking with a power symbol just like I'm staring at on my computer keypad.

The Circulator will come in brass ($34.99), stainless steel ($36.99) and a black electroplated stainless steel frame ($39.99) with a steel r188 bearing. At 48mm and 72.4g in stainless this is a small to medium sized profile and weight. Spin times of over 5 minutes are the early reports.

Buy Now $35 - $40
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  • The Circulator
  • The Circulator
  • The Circulator
  • The Circulator
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