First Look: Brass Tattletale

Published: May 26, 2017
From: Ultraspinners
Price: $150
Fidget Spinner Type: Custom Spinner

The Golden Snitch, made famous by the fictitious (now real maybe) game of Quidditch from the Harry Potter universe, has been reborn in fidget spinner form. The clever folks over at Ultraspinners, well known for bringing us the highly modular and aptly named Modulator and Mk2, have released this extension for their spinner to great fanfare. Tongue-in-cheek named the "Brass Tattletale", the Golden Snitch lookalike is available as both an add-on ($59.99) for those that already own an Mk2 or as a full package ($149.99) for new adopters. Looks like a quick sellout considering my guess that a venn diagram of the hordes of Harry Potter fans and fidget spinner users is almost a perfect circle.

Design & Aesthetics

As with all Ultraspinners products I've used, the design of the Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner, okay, Brass Tattletale, is incredibly well done. The two main concerns I had with this spinner were how fragile the "wings" were going to be and if the integrity of the wing position would be maintained when they were unscrewed and then screwed back in. I'm happy to report that both pass the test.

The wings hold up well to even the most powerful flicks for all of you spinach eaters out there. They look a bit slight and the comb like fingers that create the body and main aesthetic of the wings don't do anything to change that assumption, but these things are solid. Flick away Popeye.

The threading of the wings is done to great precision and you're going to get a "true screw" with each removal and subsequent replacement of the wings, which is more than my girlfriend can claim.

The buttons a port caps all have true fits to the Tattletale and are as flush with the body as they can be while still being easy to remove. I won't cover too much old territory here as you can read my review of the MK2 Modulator body for all the particulars.

Spin Characteristics & Aesthetics

I think when reviewing a novelty type of spinner like this Quidditch inspired fidget spinner, the actual spin quality is secondary, but still a factor. The primary thing for me is how does it look while spinning. I think if you check out the videos below, you can make your own judgement on that, but for me it was striking. I didn't see any four-eyed wizards flying around the room or anything, but I did feel a bit of magic in the air. This thing is just cool.

Though not quite a study in ergonomics, the Brass Tattletale is easy enough to get a grip on and spin, and the wings provide enough weight to keep it moving for a few minutes of magic. If you can't catch it in that time, I don't want you on my team anyway. You can use either the wings to spin the Tattletale or leverage a slightly sweaty fingered grip against the body to rotate the Snitch inspired spinner moving. I find myself doing both for different sorts of feedback and the feeling of accomplishment from executing a good spin with both methods. Sometimes that's what it's about for me I guess...getting a nice clean spin out of a new or as to yet unrealized grip or angle. That's looking on the sunny side a bit I suppose (something I'm rarely accused of) but it's nonetheless true with this spinner.

The wings of the Tattletale create an almost helicopter effect in both sound and spin pattern. The sound is the nice low hum of the bearing, and the spin effect due to the wings giving the effect of four blades rather than two as the above shot in the spin video below demonstrates. At just under 3 inches in total spin diameter, you'll need to keep your fingers out of the way a bit more than your average spinner, but it's not such a difficult contortion that it's uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Ultraspinners continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the spinner industry. The Brass Tattletale as an add-on to an already amazing modular spinner is a home run (or should I say goal?) for me. If you're looking for something different, unique or just a little magical, stop the search. The Tattletale is all of that and more.

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