Make Your Fidget Spinner Glow With Tritium Inserts

Guides: Make Your Fidget Spinner Glow With Tritium Inserts

Published: April 09, 2017

The impending need to make cool things cooler has caught on in the spinner world in the form of tritium and glowing fidget spinners. Interested in how these miniature glow sticks are added to fidget spinners? This will serve as your guide to adding tritium inserts to your spinner. It's really not that hard if you have the slots for the tritium pre-milled into your spinner.

What Do I Need To Make My Fidget Spinner Glow

  1. Tritium Vials

    They're available from Amazon in Blue, Green, Orange and Red. Or another popular place for tritium vials is Most spinner pre-milled for tritium vials fit the smallest 1.5mm x 6mm sized vials, but measure the slot first to make sure.

  2. LOCA Glue and UV Light for Curing Glue

    Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive or LOCA is perfect for tritium inserts. It's essentially, as the name suggests, invisible glue, so none of that beautiful tritium glow is obstructed or lost. The UV light will be used to cure and harden the glue.

    Norland NOA61 and Flexzion UV Nail Dryer which outputs the recommended 365nm UV light to cure the glue.

    All-inclusive and cheaper. Octopus Glue Kit - This is just a brand name LOCA. This kit includes a UV light which you'll need to cure the glue with as we'll explain below. This glue is a bit softer and more rubbery than the Norland glue after it cures.

How To Glue Tritium Vials to A Fidget Spinner

Now you have the materials you need, it's pretty simple.

  1. Place a small amount of the glue into the slots where you'll be placing your tritium vials.
  2. Insert the tritium vials exactly how you want them positioned in the spinner.
  3. Use the UV light to cure and harden the glue.
  4. That's it!

Tritium Compatible Fidget Spinners

Is Tritium Dangerous?

These tritium vials take advantage of the radiation produced by tritium to produce visible light. Being radioactive, you may have some concern about keeping your spinner in your pocket by your small penis or large vagina. So how dangerous is the Tritium found in the small vials used in fidget spinners? It's actually not dangerous at all. Tritium is a low energy beta emitter, and no radiation actually escapes the vial.

What if your tritium vial breaks? No luck aspiring superhero wannabes. It's still not going to harm you. The electrons produced from the radioactive decay of tritium are so damn lazy (low energy) that they cannot even penetrate your skin.

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