Buying Replacement Fidget Spinner Bearings

Guides: Buying Replacement Fidget Spinner Bearings

Published: April 24, 2017

Where can I buy replacement bearings for my fidget spinner? We get asked this question a lot on Spinnermint. Maybe you're current bearing is warped or broken in some manner. Maybe you just want to upgrade your bearing. Luckily, with the rise of the fidget spinner industry, 608 and r188 bearings are becoming more commonplace as demand rises. Makes sense. It still takes a little bit of hunting around to find bearings meant for fidget spinners though as most applications up until now have used lubricated bearings which is something as fidgeters that we want to avoid. And while it's fairly easy to clean and remove the lubricant from your bearing, there's always that feeling with a pre-lubed bearing that you're not getting the best spin possible out of it.

Not sure which type of bearing you want? Check out our primer on the different types of fidget spinner bearings.

Below is a list of some common sized bearings for fidget spinners along with links to where you can purchase them.

Replacement 608 bearings

Bones Reds Steel 608 Bearings

Price: $10 - $19.95

These 608s traditionally used for skateboards come in packs of 8. They may come pre-lubed in which case you'll have to clean the bearing first.

Purchase from Amazon

Yellow Jacket 608 Steel Bearings

Price: $14.99

Same story wih the Yellow Jackets. this is a pack of 8 steel bearings and they come pre-lubed. Just clean them per our guide, and they'll definitely be adequate though not record setting.

Purchase from Amazon

Yellow Jacket 608 Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Price: $11.99

More Yellow Jackets. 2 Ultra-Fast Si3N4 hybrid ceramic bearings.

Purchase from Amazon

VXB 608 Full Ceramic Bearing

Price: $9.95 - $14.95

These are great bearings for fidget spinners. ZrO2 ceramic races with silicon nitride ceramic balls. My top choice for 608 bearings. They have an all ZrO2 Ceramic vesion as well.

Purchase from Amazon

608ZZ Shielded Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Price: $13.99

Hybrid ceramic bearings with double shields to help keep the dirt out. These come in packs of 2 from Spin Idol.

Purchase from Amazon

WRM 608 Full Ceramic Bearing

Price: $14.95

Full Zirconium oxide ( ZrO2) ceramic ball bearing (nylon cage). These are being promoted specifically for fidget spinners on Amazon.

Purchase from Amazon

TOYOOSKY 608 Full Ceramic Bearings

Price: $14.99

Zirconium Ceramics with 7 balls marketed specifically for fidget spinners.

Purchase from Amazon

Ortech Ceramics 608 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Price: $21

Ortech has every possible bearing you can imagine and they are all highly configurable in terms of material, cage, ABEC rating, lube and anything else bearing related. They are pricey though.

Purchase from Ortech

Ortech Ceramics 608 Full Ceramic Bearing

Price: $41.85

Quite honestly, I think this is more bearing than you need for a fidget spinner, but if you're a perfectionist, and looking for the best 608 bearing, this might be it.

Purchase from Ortech

Replacement R188 Bearings

Spin Idol R188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Price: $16.99

This is a pack of (2) Si3N4 high speed hybrid ceramic bearings from Spin Idol. Hybrid ceramic bearings offer the highest potential spin time while still being quiet while in use. A great choice.

Purchase from Amazon

Acer Racing R188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Price: $11.99

Acer is a reputable bearing company. Diamond polished ceramic nitride pro series balls. Open design. No lube and no seals. This is the best r188 bearing in my opinion for maximum spin time.

Purchase from Amazon

Nfinite Spin R188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Price: $5.99

3 pack of hybrid ceramic bearings with Si3N4 balls, nylon cage and stainless races.

Purchase from Amazon

Tinuos INC R188 Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Price: $9.98

Popular 10 ball style hybrid ceramic bearings from Tinuos INC for under $10.

Purchase from Amazon

Fidget HQ 10 ball r188 Bearings

Price: $2.50 - $3.50

They have a stainless steel ($2.50) and ceramic hybrid ($3.50).

Purchase from Fidget HQ

Ortech R188 Full Ceramic

Price: $51.20+

The full ceramic version. Zirconia bearing starts at $51.20 and the Silicon Nitride goes for an extra $15.36

Purchase from Ortech

One Drop 10 Ball Bearing

Price: $8

The highly praised 10 ball bearing from One Drop. Whisper quiet with very little tactile feedback. The very bearing used in the legendary Trillium kids.

Purchase from One Drop

Terrapin X Type C Bearing

Price: $6.50 - $20

The Yo-yo world calls them type C, the fidget world r188. This bearing will sleep a yoyo for over 3.5 minutes when simply rolled off your hand. What can it do in a fidget spinner? $6.50 for stainless, $20 for full ceramic.

Purchase from Yoyo Expert

RevSpin Ceramic Hybrid Bearing Si3N4

Price: $14.99 - $19.99

Stainless steel races and silicon nitride Si3N4 bearing balls with a stainless steel cage. 8 or 10 balls.

Purchase from NTO Designs

Replacement 606 Bearings

Jecnovo Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Price: $7.50

Don't know much about this bearing or comapny. They're clearly marketing this as a fidget spinner bearing. It's a hybrid ceramic 606 pack of 2 bearings.

Purchase from Amazon

606 Full Ceramic Silicon Nitride Bearing

Price: $26.55

Just a genric 606 full ceramic Si3N4 silicon nitride ball bearing.

Purchase from Amazon

Ortech 606 Hybrid Ceramic

Price: $33+

And the high end bearings from Ortech in 606. Starting at $33.

Purchase from Ortech

Ortech 606 Full Ceramic

Price: $54+

The full ceramic 606 starts at $54.75.

Purchase from Ortech

In addition to all of the above, Boca Bearings is marketing bearings specifically for fidget spinners. All the standard models are there.

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