News: The Coolest Spinners You Can't Buy

Published: March 15, 2017

Magnus Macdonald from Cogent Industries puts out videos almost daily to his Youtube channel showing him making some mouth-watering spinner designs from titanium with an NTO Designs core. With each design looking more unique and spinworthy than the next, people are clamoring for information on how to purchase these coveted designs. The only thing is, they're not for sale. Yet.

Magnus has conveyed in one of his videos that he just doesn't have the capability of producing these designs at any scale right now. With other projects and non-spinner obligations, it's just not feasible.

All hope is not lost though. He is making an effort to drive people to a signup page to be notified when his spinner is available. Here's where things get a little murky for me. I come from the affiliate marketing space, and this landing page sort of smells like subterfuge to me. Additionally...

...the Cogent Industries page puts things like this in front of me. EXCLUSIVE , FREE, right now! This is textbook affiliate marketing stuff. I'm not going to speculate on motives, other than creating a large email list, but something seems amiss. And, I'm not saying that using affiliate marketing sales tactics is a bad way to sell spinners, it just feels like overkill when the demand is through the roof already.

Hopefully I'm wrong and we all get to buy some of these awesome designs in the near future. Magnus does come across as genuine in his videos with his aw shucks attitude and endearing accent. I'll predict a Kickstarter coming soon as the end game.

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  • The Coolest Spinners You Can't Buy
  • The Coolest Spinners You Can't Buy
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