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Published: April 13, 2017

Ring spinners are a type of fidget spinner that we don't cover much on Spinnermint. Not because we don't like them, but because they are a lot more obscure than your regular hand spinner. Ring spinners are very similar to fidget spinners with the main difference being a larger bearing with a much larger inner diameter. This of course acts as the ring part of the spinner, while the body is attached to the outer race which it spins around. Essentially, your finger takes the pace of the buttons on a regular fidget spinner. Often these ring spinners also come with what they call slugs to act as de facto button in place of your finger or regular buttons which transforms the ring spinner into a regular fidget spinner.

Popular Ring Spinners

Steel Flame Ring Spin

Steel Flame Ring Spin

Shrouded in mystery, the clandestine Steel Flame, headed by Derrick Obatake, is sort of a select group. I'll admit I don't know too much about them except their ring spinners are among the most coveted pieces of metal in the industry fetching over $1,000 on the secondary market. With limited drops announced out of nowhere, these are a hard prize to come by. There are multiple versions of both the ring spin body and highly detailed slugs that are imminently collectible. And Steel Flame has its devotees to do the collecting quickly scooping up supplies.

What about the performance you ask? Reports are of a legendary smoothness in its spin. If you're an owner hold on as long as you can. The Steel Flame Ring Spins are only increasing in value.

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Metal Worn Spinner Knuck

Ti Reactor Spinner Knuck from Metal Worn

This variation on a ring spinner from Metal Worn has the body of the spinner contacting the inner race of the bearing rather than the outer race. With this type of design, the bearing is actually spinning around the body of the spinner. It's a very unique design. Though maybe not as coveted as the Steel Flame Ring Spin (few spinners are) this "spinner knuck" is even more rare to find out in the wild.

The Metal Worn Spinne Knuck is 1.75 inches in diameter (with a 23mm ring diameter) and 12mm thick. Machined from pure titanium and housing a full ceramic bearing, it will set you back $199.

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Genex One

Genex One Ring Spinner

The China made Genex One is being distributed in the US by Dean Chou. At just $50 for the bronze edition and $80 for the titanium version, this ring spinner is much more attainable than the previous two ring spins. Dean is selling these using the forever consumer unfriendly way of a Genex Facebook page.

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Steel Flame Ring Spin

The Phenom Ring Spin

A foreigner enters the mix. The Phenom from Spinner Manila is a nice mid-priced option coming in at $100. Powered by a stainless steel hybrid ceramic SI3N4 ball bearing, The Phenom is offered in both stainless steel and brass.

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