Grail Spinners: The Top 5 Most Coveted Spinners

News: Grail Spinners: The Top 5 Most Coveted Spinners

Published: April 18, 2017

The Holy Grail Spinners. The Mount Rushmore of fidget spinners. The best of the best. Which 5 fidget spinners make the list? It's a subjective question to a degree, but this is somewhat driven by supply as well. And maybe price. A spinner like the Brass Spinetic X is a great little EDC spinner, but it's fairly obtainable. It's common. We're after the unattainable. The be all end all spinners. The one spinner to rule them all. The, I just blew half my paycheck and I don't care...that much...spinners.

I'll admit, this list is a bit old guard. There are a lot of new designs on the scene that are certainly coveted. But, I'm a traditionalist. And, I think tradition counts for something here. Put it this way, I like Lebron, but he's no Jordan.

The Top 5 Most Coveted Fidget Spinners

Titanium Torqbar

5. Titanium Torqbar

No list of grail spinners would be complete without the spinner that really kickstarted the industry into relevance. And, I'll admit, I've never owned, or even had the privilege of spinning a Torqbar. But, I've never taken a drink from the Holy Grail either. That's what makes the Torqbar so coveted. It's hard to attain. The often duplicated, copied and cloned design from Scott McCoskery at SCAM design is simply a classic. Good luck getting your hands on one. With infrequent drops, and a limited supply on the secondary market, this is a fidget spinner that is worthy of the expedition you'll have to go on to acquire it.

Check out Torqbar

Zerofeud Titanium Tri Compass

4. Zerofeud Titanium Tri Compass

And another spinner I've never gotten my hands on, having had too slow of a trigger finger during Zerofeud's latest drop. Venerable old Zerofeud, headed by Rick Wayne makes what some say is the smoothest spinner on the market (ok, Trillium fans, we hear you). The Compass line of spinners started with a bar spinner, but has since expanded into a Tri-pole version and mini version of the original. One of our highest rated spinners still after all of this time, I'll be patiently waiting for their next drop.

Check out Zerofeud

Axis Micro Titanium with Tungsten Weights

3. Axis Micro Titanium with Tungsten Weights

Last Room Standing headed by Alexander White wasn't first on the spinner scene, but they were close. The Axis Micro is an incredibly fidget friendly design. With options for different metals in body and weights, Last Room was perhaps a pioneer in both aspects.For me, the combination of titanium and tungsten work perfectly in this design. With a price of $199 for the just released version 2 of this configuration of the Axis Micro, this seems like one of those grail spinners that I might actually get my hands on. Eventually.

Check out Last Room Standing

Rotablade Damasteel Stubby

2. Rotablade Damasteel Stubby

Retailing for £325, the very English Rotablade was really a leader in pushing into more exotic metals being used for fidget spinners and buttons alike. And while I could have gone for the Mokuti or superconductor versions here (I certainly wouldn't turn either down) the puddle like dalmation finish of the Damasteel sort of sets my pants on fire a little more than the others. It's hard to fathom that the Stubby wasn't the first foray for Rotablade into the spinner world. How can we all forget the can opener design of the original Rotablade? Easy. The stubby is probably the most recognizeable design in the world of spinners. The most classicly elegant for my money. It is really a work of art. Combine that with amazing spins and a great feel in the hand, and a precious metal and you have yourself a grail spinner.

Check out Rotablade

Steel Flame Crusader Ring Spin

1. Steel Flame Crusader Ring Spin

What can I really say about Steel Flame and their multiple iterations of the ring spin? This spinner is renowned for it's smooth spin characteristics, relic like design and clandestine drop announcements. A perfect combination for a grail spinner. I think the spinners on this list evoke some sort of want or need in a person just from looking at images of them (whoa, that sounds creepy). They just sort of beckon to people. You want me. You need me. Buy me. This Ring Spin has that quality in spades.

Steel Flame makes many different version of their ring spin, but I chose the Crusader for my #1 overall spot. I could have gone with the Dog's Paw, the Spartan or the Poker version, but...the images weren't as good. The point is, they're all coveted. Hopefully if you do find one, the theme of the spinner (which is a big part of the Steel Flame mantra) fits in with your personally. But, if you're lucky enough to come across one, buy it even if it doesn't. They're selling for well over $1,000 on the secondary market.

Check out Steel Flame

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  • Zerofeud Titanium Tri Compass
  • Rotablade Damasteel Stubby
  • Axis Micro Titanium with Tungsten Weights
  • Steel Flame Crusader Ring Spin
  • Titanium Torqbar
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