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Published: December 31, 2016
From: Pentaspin
Price: $111
Bearing: 608 Hybrid Ceramic ABEC 9 Bearing
Spin Time: 2 mins.
Dimensions: 50mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Cog Spinner
Stainless Steel, Brass Stainless Steel, Brass, Black Delrin

The spinner world is, understandably, dominated by makers based in the U.S.A and they are certainly doing a fine job pushing the market forward overall. However, what we lack in quantity here in the U.K, we certainly make up for in quality thanks to Rotablade and their omnipresent, class leading Stubby. There's plenty of room for further expansion though, and that brings us to a new addition to the British scene in the form of David White's Pentaspin and their Spur, a fidget-focussed hand spinner.

Design & Aesthetics

Arriving in a simple tin, surrounded by a perfectly formed foam insert, this Pentaspin has an instantly recognizable, unique silhouette with its five relatively slender and short poles set around a squat, wide 608-covering grip. A mere glance at The Spur gives a host of clues to the thought process behind this design; the greatest mass is centered around the bearing while the poles are "negatively tapered" [1] leaving plenty of room to quickly catch and re-launch the spin. In short, this is a design clearly intended for maximum fidget-friendly ergonomics and not one optimized for spin times. There's also some really nicely thought out aesthetic elements here, with the dished machining within each pole both being a pleasure to handle and offering a beautiful effect during the spin. The grips are also worth highlighting; featuring a low, relatively flat profile but with a lovely smooth concave section towards the center that offers a surprising amount of grip but with no sacrifices in the comfort. I also tested Pentaspin's black Delrin grips but while they are nicely made I ended up liking the lower noise and feel offered by the stainless grips.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

As mentioned above, this is certainly not intended to break any spin records and as such, it doesn't. However, for a design such as this the times are more than respectable at between 1½-2 minutes depending on the spin method and cleanliness of the bearing. More importantly here though is the feel of the spin itself and in this area the Pentaspin and its glue fit hybrid ceramic 608 really excel. It launches with a distinctive, almost squishy sensation that seems to accelerate away from the spin and while it isn't 100% smooth when balanced on one finger, it's very close and the very slight vibration feels like a plus here, giving extra tactility to what is an eminently satisfying fidget-monster of a spinner. Some slightly sharp edges left from machining would benefit from a touch more attention, I would love to see this tumbled and lightly blasted, and the bearing is set very slightly further to one side than the other meaning that the grips sit as marginally different levels from the body, but these are knit picks in truth and do little to detract from this charming, well realised design particularly given the very competitive price-point.

Final thoughts

I can't lie, I'm absolutely thrilled with Pentaspin's debut both for the U.K market and for the world of fidget-focused spinners as a whole. It's just so very satisfying to handle and in a way that's a considerable challenge to convey in this review. A spinner like this shows why a 608 really can be the ideal bearing choice for certain designs; offering feedback and sensation that's uniquely beguiling and endlessly enjoyable when implemented as well as it is here. There's already two further designs on the way from Pentaspin and I'm sure much more besides already formulating in David White's mind. Watch this space and if you want a fidget spinner that's exactly that, head to Pentaspin's Facebook page (website coming soon) and drop them a message for further info.

Model Reviewed: The Spur - Pentaspin - Brass - Stainless Steel Grips - 2RS 608 Pro Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

[1]Thanks to Fabian Botero of the Spin Space Facebook group for coining this useful descriptive term in relation to hand spinners.

Posted By: Stuart Robson

7.5 / 10
Buy Now $111
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