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Published: February 12, 2017
From: Thraxx EDC
Price: $125 - $175
Bearing: R188 Hybrid ceramic
Spin Time: 2 mins.
Dimensions: 62mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Stainless Steel (57g), Brass (61g), Copper (63g), Titanium (32g) Stainless Steel, Brass Bead Blasted

The Thraxx Spinner arrived into my hands over a week ago. I unboxed it, gave it the obligatory first spin, admired its looks (and they are to be admired) took some photos and put it back in its box to spin later. I suppose I wasn't grabbed by the way it initially felt that first day. But, that would change.

Design & Aesthetics

For me the Thraxx is the best looking bar spinner out there. There's something about the 3 through cuts milled into the stainless steel bow-tie design that make this spinner look like more than what it actually is, which is not a bad thing if attention it is which you seek. And it's given the Thraxx marketing department an easy to work with product as evidenced by the incredible marketing photos that easily coax the $125 out of my pocket for both a stainless steel and bronze model of this fidget spinner. The 303 stainless steel body and bead blasted finish are as sharp looking in person as they are in the photos. And as an aside, in an emerging market of one man shops and new spinner brands, Thraxx has the most polished website and media of the bunch. The packaging was a bit minimal but who needs another tin clogging up a drawer anyway? Back to the spinner. My favorite design break about the Thraxx is the strongly magnetized caps covering the bearing. These are a substantial product on their own and available in stainless and brass from the Thraxx website. They are actually a little difficult to remove the magnets are so strong, unless you enjoy the feeling of your finger nail bending back at the tip a decent amount. I was actually able to hang the Thraxx upside down on a metal table and let it spin. The clock pattern around the buttons goes well with the overall design. And the gills give a nice effect during spin.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

In all honesty, I didn't love this spinner out of the box. Its not the smoothest spin, and definitely not a long spinner. You see, it's fairly small at 62mm and the gills take much of the heft out of the bars with the stainless weighing in at 57g and the brass at 61g these feel like in the hand which I was not as used to when comparing them to something like a Rotablade. So, I put it away after a few spins after opening and it wasn't until a week later that I got it out again. And that's when it began to grow on me. Slowly. One spin at a time. The press fit R188 Hybrid ceramic bearing comes pre-lubed which greatly reduces spin time but makes for a smoother spin. I'd say you need to be pretty "typey" to truly enjoy this spinner. As I mentioned, it's not setting any spin time records. It's a fidget powerhouse though. You can make this thing dance back and forth all day without too much finger or joint fatigue because it's such a light design. The weight is so evenly distributed throughout the length of the spinner because the gill sizes increase out to the end of each side. This gives the spinner a nice balance about it. A pleasure to flick back and forth all day. If it's spin times you came here for, it's going to be around a 1:30-2 minute least for me, out of the box after a day of use. Again, it's not the absolute smoothest spin or quietest bearing I've used, but it's a pleasure to send it back and forth all day. One small irritation, literally, are the chamfers that run along the flick spots on this spinner. While nice to look at, the sharp corners can be irritating after a while on the fingernail at the cuticle on forward flicks.

Final thoughts

What started out as a great looking, not so great spinning fidget spinner for me turned into a very solid first effort from Thraxx. Their magnetized buttons should become more of a standard in the industry and this overall design is well conceived. If you're a fidget focused spinner, I'd give this spinner a shot. If you like well-crafted EDC conversation wares, then this is the hand spinner for you as well. It's fairly priced, but not a steal at $125. A definite powerhouse in my collection. I'm looking forward to their next effort!

Model Reviewed: Thraxx Spinner - Stainless Steel

8.5 / 10
Buy Now $125 - $175
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