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Reviews: Spinetic X Spinner

Published: February 13, 2017
From: Spinetic Spinners
Price: $35 - $40
Bearing: R188 steel
Spin Time: 4½ mins.
Dimensions: 55mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Quad Spinner
Stainless Steel (60.42g), Brass (63.58g), Copper (67.76g)

The X Spinner from Spinetic Spinners based out of Arizona, USA comes to us as sort of a combo offering with the Y spinner (a three sided spinner to complement the quad X spinner reviewed here, thus the X/Y names). Much anticipated, partly because of it's budget price due perhaps to it being outsourced to China, I was able to get my hands on the copper version a few days ago. And I haven't been able to put it down since.

Design & Aesthetics

Let's start with the bad because there really isn't much with this budget priced spinner. It has a bit of an unfinished feeling to it at first. I did get used to this, but along with that unfinished feeling came some sharp edges in places my fingers didn't like after long periods of fidgeting. This has led many people with this spinner and some DIY skills to do some of their own finishing to the metal which Spinetic I would assume is paying attention to and hopefully addressing in future efforts. The threaded buttons on this spinner have a nice concave resting place for your thumb and second finger of choice and the branding on the button gives a nice grippy feel which I like a lot. The bearing uses an interesting retention design which is a nifty little trick and makes for easy removal and avoids the downfalls of press fit, glue and screws. A very nice touch. This is a spinner that feels light and nimble in my hand weighing in at 60g on the low end stainless version and 68g on the high end copper model which is the model I reviewed. It feels lighter. And at 55mm it's no pocket nuisance and feels small in the hand. Perfect for the EDC crowd.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

This thing is quite simply a pleasure to spin. And, what makes it so unique is that it is a pleasure to fidget as well. It's important to make that distinction when reviewing spinners I think. Everyone has a different method to their madness when it comes to fidget spinners. Long spins on one finger. Constant flicks back and forth. Spin, catch, flick.. The point is, most spinners fall into one category (long spinners) or the other (fidget spinners) for me anyway. This one is equally adept at pleasing both palettes. The r188 steel bearing is buttery smooth and gives off an almost metallic other worldly hum on long spins that is almost hypnotic. I like to set this on the table and let it spin out it's 4+ minutes of spin time and wash rinse and repeat. The concave buttons make it great for long spins balanced on one finger and the quad design of the Spinetic X give it a nice stability with very little wobble. Give this spinner a nice spin and feel the centrifugal force with subtle hand movements during long spins. It gives a very unique gyroscopic effect. But for me, it's strongest asset is in its fidgetability. The quad design makes it effortless to flick back and forth. Hold it with your thumb and middle finger and flick it back and forth with your index finger all day. Or with your thumb and index finger and ahieve the same effect with your ring finger or middle finger as the spinner.

Final thoughts

The Spinetic X would be right at the top of my collection even at a premium price point. At an entry level price between $35-$40 I can't think of a reason anyone shouldn't add one of these to their collection whenever you can get your hands on one. I would keep on eye on Spinetic as they've definitely created something here at a price point other manufacturers will have to pay attention to.


Budget price, Smooth long spins, Elite fidgetability, Innovative bearing retention system


Sharp edges on body may cause some finger discomfort eventually

Model Reviewed: Copper Spinetic X

9 / 10
Buy Now $35 - $40
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